Anooshtam® natural herbal origin flavoring products manufactured from the most aromatic plants of the world

Rose water and other herbal aromatic waters are among the oldest products of damask rose and other aromatic plants. They are very dilute water solutions of the aromatic materials of respected plants produced using simple distillation. Consequently, most of the composition of these products is distilled water and herbal aromatic materials have only a small share in them. These products suffer from considerable problems such as high volume and weight, low concentration, difficulty in transportation and storage, susceptibility to microbial contamination, lack of content and quality uniformity, etc. Anooshtam® natural herbal origin flavoring products are new generation of rose water and other herbal spirits. They enjoy a new scientific formulation that do not have the problems of their respected ancestors and, instead, have many valuable advantages, including the following:

1. They are exclusively produced from the most fragrant plants of the world and do not contain any synthetic artificial chemical additive.

2. They are more than a hundred times more concentrated than rose water and other respected herbal spirits.

3. They are intrinsically and fundamentally immune from any microbial contamination.

4. The use of modern knowledge and technology in their production has reduced the cost of production and lead to their cost-effective and competitive prices compared to rose water and herbal spirits.

5. They have small volumes, so they are easy to transport and maintain.

6. They are user friendly and their consumption is very easy.

7. They have completely uniform and stable qualities.

8. They are currently produced and offered in ten different flavors and will increase to at least a hundred different flavors soon in the future.

9. They are packaged in 15 mL dropper package for personal and home use and 120 to 1000 mL bottles for industrial use.